Nicole "Nico" Henderson is a full time freelance photographer with a passion for telling stories through images. She has extensive corporate event photography experience, as well conferences, environmental, real estate, headshot, portrait photography and more. 


I'm in my element when delivering compelling images that help clients tell their stories through the art and documentary of photography.  


I strive to shoot in a clean and creative style, with an inclination towards a photojournalistic approach when appropriate. I love the aspects of improvisation, intuition and surprise. I'm a Sony shooter professionally, and a Fujifilm enthusiast for my daily carry. 

Some of my most exciting personal shoots were found on game drives in Africa, although I adore wandering the streets of San Francisco with my camera. I enjoy finding the extraordinary in everyday life.  



Thank you for looking at my work!

415-496-9627 |  hello@nicohendphotography.com  | San Francisco, CA.


We really lucked out getting to work with Nico for our event. Nico is not only professional and incredibly talented but also fun and responsive to work with. Nico took wonderful pictures that really caught the moment! 

Skye Christensen, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bay Area,

Director of Communications

Nico has photographed music events and classes at the nonprofit where I work. Her work is always top-notch and highly professional. She has a very artistic eye and is great at capturing light and moods. She is also adept at catching people in candid moments. Though we haven't had her do portraits, I'm sure she'd be great at this as well. Her working style is unintrusive around groups, so she can get those magic moments when people don't know they're being photographed. Nico is punctual and reliable as well. We've always been satisfied working with her. 

Anne Mitchell, San Francisco Community Music Center,

Marketing Manager



I photograph and exist in the 

in-between: those spaces where

unknown worlds, real and

imagined, intersect.


For me, the camera 

is simply an excuse to learn.


I see reality in a different way with a camera.

Looking through the lens, I peer into another world...


Perhaps what I'm looking for

is to enter a world unknown to me.

from Photographic 

The Life of Graciela Iturbide

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